Friday 29 August 2014


A Baxter Park Of The Mind is a site responsive work by Emil Thompson and Pauline M. Hynd created as part of the May Meet In Mutual Micro Residency at Baxter Park in Dundee.

Using a combination of site specific interventions and web based audio visual materials the work embraces a celebration of the unseen inspirational landscape of the park and expresses a deep sense of place through personal recollections and memories of growing up in the area.

It is our hope that this site will invite further dialogue with others to whom the landscape of the park resonates. All comments are invited.

Please explore the links to the works at the top of this page.

(The title of this project is a reference to the Lawrence Ferlinghetti poetry anthology A Coney Island Of The Mind. He refers to the collection of poems as 'a kind of circus of the soul'.)